Family Medicine

Family Medicine

Treating Patients Like Family


From pediatrics to geriatrics, from “fit as a fiddle” to the chronically ill, everyone can benefit from the care of a primary care physician. At Pleasant Valley Hospital, our board-certified family medicine physicians take time to get to know “the total patient” – looking at each patient’s goals, concerns, history and habits to determine the most appropriate care and treatment.


For individuals who are healthy, our family doctors educate patients about their health and prevent future illnesses through regular checkups. When individuals are sick, family doctors manage their ongoing care and treatment and make referrals to specialists when needed.


Family medicine physicians are specially trained to look at a patient’s total health. Seeing a family doctor for symptoms with many possible explanations – such as chest pains – can eliminate costly trips to the ER and unnecessary visits with the wrong type of specialist.


At Pleasant Valley Hospital Family Medicine, we treat a wide range of medical issues in patients of all ages. We coordinate care with other medical professionals, including the specialists of Cabell Huntington Hospital, Marshall Health and the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center. We provide care that is preventative as well as proactive. Most importantly, we treat our patients like family.


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