Mason County Schools – School Based Medical Services

Sponsored by Pleasant Valley Hospital

Glen Washington, FACHE, CEO


Beginning with this school year, Pleasant Valley Hospital is dedicating a nurse practitioner full time to the Mason County School Health Clinics.  This step is the result of many months of discussion and planning with school system officials.

Like most counties in West Virginia, Mason County has a multitude of health issues.  And many of those issues tend to be concentrated in our youth.  Every day, the school clinics see kids with a plethora of problems that aren’t being adequately taken care of:  Diabetes (type 1 and type 2), obesity, seizure disorders, heart and stomach problems, asthma and allergies, cerebral palsy, pregnancies, and accidents, just to name a few.  Problems with access to care are many: lack of transportation, the parent (s) work and can’t schedule appointments, parents aren’t in the picture, lack of insurance, etc.

The school nurses do an incredible job, but many student needs are beyond the scope of their license.  The nurse practitioner will be able to provide a higher level of care, and when necessary, refer kids to specialty services for follow up.

In addition to clinical services, we will help kids get health insurance if they don’t have it.  And, we will help the school system educate students on healthy eating habits, exercise, accident and injury prevention, and other topics designed to improve their overall health.

Our thanks go to School Superintendent Jack Cullen, the School Board, and school officials, who put the welfare of our youth first.  Their interest is in helping Mason County youth learn and succeed in life.  And they had the wisdom to understand that students with health problems are not going to do well in school.

Our mission at PVH goes beyond helping residents with their acute health needs.  We are focused on improving the health of the community we serve.  We should be vitally interested in the welfare of our youth, and it is an honor to be able to work with the Mason County School system in this endeavor.