3D Mammography


New 3-D Digital Mammography

Now Available at Pleasant Valley Hospital’s Comprehensive Breast Health Center

3D Mammography Machine


Smarter 3D Mammography

The ASPIRE Cristalle with Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) and the patented Comfort Paddle is built with insight to deliver better patient experiences through innovations that produce brilliant images with gentle dose and comfort.

Gold Star

Superior Diagnostic Accuracy

with reduced false-positive callbacks*
*compared to 2D mammograms alone

Gold Star

Simplified Use & Fast Images

allow technologists to focus on positioning and a personalized patient experience

Gold Star

Patented Comfort Paddle

noticeably reduces pain for the patient by using significantly less pressure

You got your wish. Less Squish!

We get it… No one loves getting a mammogram. But it’s the smartest way to detect breast cancer earlier.

ASPIRE Cristalle 3D is built with insight to ensure your exam will be noticeably more comfortable. The exclusive Comfort Paddle moves four ways, adjusting to your body with significantly less pressure than other mammography systems. Its innovative 3D technology delivers better detail with gentle radiation dose. Experience the smarter 3D mammogram with improved diagnostic accuracy and less chance of a false-positive result and callback.*

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