With the latest technology and a highly trained staff, the Vein Center at Pleasant Valley Hospital offers advanced treatments to those suffering from leg pain, swelling and varicose veins.

Venous insufficiency is a common disorder, affecting millions of people throughout the U.S. However, many are unaware of their condition.

“They say things like, ‘I’m just tired because I worked all day,’ or ‘My legs only swell when I stand too long,’” said David Faber, MD, general surgeon at Pleasant Valley Surgical Associates and director of the Vein Center at Pleasant Valley Hospital. “They think leg pain and swelling are just things they have to live with as they get older.”

That’s no longer the case, thanks to modern technology and minimally invasive vein treatments. The Pleasant Valley Hospital Vein Center offers a wide range of treatments for those suffering from leg pain, swelling and varicose veins – all common symptoms of venous insufficiency.

“These aren’t the old ligation and stripping procedures of decades ago,” said Dr. Faber, who has 15 years of experience in both general surgery and vein treatment. “Today’s laser treatments are incredibly effective, without the long recovery and debilitating side effects your older relatives remember. There is essentially no downtime following the procedures, which I perform under local anesthesia, and our patients experience limited to no pain. You have the procedure, and you immediately feel better – it’s as simple as that.”

For those interested in learning more about venous insufficiency and the treatments offered at the PVH Vein Center, an open house will be held July 7 from 6-8 p.m. at the Pleasant Valley Hospital Wellness Center. Attendees will get to know Dr. Faber and the Vein Center staff in a laid-back environment and receive a free screening ultrasound.

Gretchen Nutter, MSN, FNP-BC, certified nurse practitioner for General Surgery and the Vein Center at PVH, said the Vein Center staff is closely knit, working together to help patients navigate care. Nutter often sees patients for their initial visit and evaluation, ensuring quick access to the specialized care and treatment they need.

“We work as a team to evaluate the needs of our patients,” she said. “We make sure they have a complete understanding of their condition and answer any questions they may have – ranging from insurance coverage to treatment options to follow-up care. Vein treatment is a necessary service in our community, and I’m excited about the care we’re able to provide to our friends and family.”

For patients like Ruth Colegrove, the expertise, technology and treatments available at the PVH Vein Center have already made a world of difference. Colegrove, a nurse, had grown accustomed to the aching and heaviness she felt in her legs at the end of a long workday. With hereditary venous insufficiency, the veins in her legs were unable to effectively pump blood back to her heart, until Dr. Faber performed endovenous laser treatment on each leg in June.

“I had the procedure on my left leg on Friday, June 12, and my right leg a week later on June 19,” Colegrove said. “Both times, I was back to work on Monday with little to no pain. I could tell a difference right after the procedure. My legs felt so much lighter.”

Colegrove was fitted for prescription-grade compression socks in the months leading up to her procedure and continues to wear them today. Dr. Faber said compression therapy is the first step in treating varicose veins and other venous conditions, which are too often misunderstood.

“There are so many myths about venous disorders and their treatment,” he said. “One is that varicose veins are a cosmetic issue. They are not. They are a true disease entity that should be treated. Another is that vein treatments are expensive – but most insurance plans, including Medicare, will cover treatment. There are some truly outstanding treatments available today, and we are very pleased to offer them right here in Point Pleasant.”

For more information about the vein care at PVH , please call 304.675.1666.