An MRI Experience Like No Other

Designed to Ease Claustrophobia & Patient Anxiety

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Introducing the in-bore innovative virtual experience for enhanced patient comfort. The Vantage Orian with MR Theater, available only at the Gordon C. & Mildred R. Jackson Family Diagnostic Center at Pleasant Valley Hospital, gives patients a visual focal point to distract them from their MR exam. Peaceful images encourage patients to relax and stay still, enabling clinicians to produce efficient, high-quality imaging. Combined with Canon Medical Systems’ exclusive Pianissimo quiet scan technology, which helps reduce acoustic noise during the MR exam, patients are able to listen to in-ear audio as the MR Theater provides continuous projections for a truly engaging experience.

High Productivity  |  Patient Comfort  |  Clinical Confidence

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Designed with Patients & Clinicians in Mind

The MRI Theater was designed with patients and clinicians in mind, helping clinicians address some of the biggest challenges they face with MR imaging – claustrophobia and patient anxiety. The features enhance patient comfort with a unique range of audio and visual features, enabling clinicians to complete MRI exams quickly while improving patient satisfaction. Patients can watch their favorite show or project expansive virtual reality images onto a dome-shaped screen in the extra-wide bore to take their attention away from the actual examination space. Patients can relax, watch Netflix, or feel like they are swimming with dolphins.

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