Physician Office & Clinic Visits What to Expect Pleasant Valley Hospital

In accordance with CDC recommendations, as well as federal, state and local guidelines for best practices, Pleasant Valley Hospital Physicians’ Offices and Clinics will be operating with the below precautions in place:


  • Patients at physician offices and clinics may be asked to wait in their vehicle or outside the office until the time of their appointment. Patients should contact their provider’s office/clinic for information prior to appointment.
  • Family members of adult patients will not be permitted to accompany their loved ones into the office or exam rooms unless necessary. If an essential caregiver is needed for assistance, one person may accompany the patient.
  • Pediatric patients may have one parent or guardian present during the appointment who remains in the exam room with them.
  • Patients arriving to receive and discuss critical results with their provider may be accompanied by one visitor to their appointment.
  • All patients should arrive wearing a mask and continue to wear throughout the duration of their visit. If the patient is required to have an essential caregiver, this person should be wearing a mask as well.
  • When scheduling an appointment, the patient will be offered a face-to-face or teleHealth visit. The patient will be informed at this time of mask requirements and additional process details.
  • Patients will be taken straight to an exam room and will not be waiting in the lobby.
  • Once escorted to an exam room, patients will be given further instructions and receive any necessary paperwork.
  • Staff will wear masks when registering patients as well as eye protection during face-to-face visits.