3D Mammography system

Pleasant Valley Hospital’s Comprehensive Breast Health Center is the first in the Ohio Valley Region to add the most advanced 3-D mammography technology available in early breast cancer detection.

This advanced imaging system provides the patient with an enhanced examination experience. The system utilizes a hexagonal designed detector system to maximize coverage and detail, as well as a curved paddle system to improve patient comfort by using less pressure.

“The new digital breast imaging technology now available at Pleasant Valley Hospital’s Comprehensive Breast Health Center, brings the highest diagnostic accuracy, quality, and early breast cancer detection to the Ohio Valley Region,” stated Jeff Noblin, FACHE, CEO.

The state-of-the-art imaging takes many pictures from several angles and then produces a highly detailed 3-D image that a radiologist can examine layer by layer. The additional images make it possible for a radiologist to gain a better understanding of breast tissue.

3-D mammography compliments standard 2-D mammography and is performed at the same time with the same system. For women who have added risk factors, such as strong family history, personal history of breast cancer or very dense breasts, 3-D mammography is especially beneficial. The 3-D mammogram reduces the rate of false positives, which can put extra psychological, physical, and economic stress on women. Most insurance plans cover 3-D mammography, but it is important to check with your insurance plan ahead of time.

“Adding 3-D mammography in the Breast Health Center is a huge win for our community. It gives women here and in surrounding communities access to some of the very best technology available for breast health,” says Jenny Jenkins, Director of Imaging Services. “With the use of 3-D mammography, we have confidence that we are examining the breast with the best technology. This system detects 41 percent more invasive cancers than other mammography systems in use today. Patients also appreciate the system’s new comfort paddle design that gently adjusts to the body with significantly less pressure than other mammography systems.”

Patients interested in learning more about 3-D mammography to see if it’s right for them should consult their primary care provider or call Pleasant Valley Hospital’s Breast Health Center to schedule an appointment at 304.675.4301.