October is breast cancer awareness month and throughout the month, Pleasant Valley Hospital is reminding women to schedule their yearly mammogram.

At Pleasant Valley Hospital, we provide high-quality, 3D mammography by compassionate experts who help make the experience as comfortable as possible. Regular mammograms should be part of your lifelong breast care routine.

Routine screening mammograms can help your provider detect breast cancer before you have symptoms. Diagnostic mammograms help identify cancer after you or your provider notice warning signs, such as a breast lump.

When breast cancer is caught early, it’s easier to treat. That’s why Pleasant Valley Hospital recommends women with an average risk of developing breast cancer start having yearly screening mammograms beginning at age 40.

Call the Comprehensive Breast Health Center at 304.675.6257 to schedule a mammography appointment that works with your schedule. No referral is needed.

Concerned about getting a mammogram? Let our team help put you at ease. Technicians will explain the imaging process every step of the way, answer your questions and help you feel as relaxed as possible.