Healing Aquatic Therapy


Aquatic therapy is used at Pleasant Valley Hospital to benefit a wide range of individuals, from pediatric to geriatric, from chronic pain sufferers to patients recovering from surgery. Managed by a specially trained team of physical therapists, the therapeutic pool at PVH features three different depths for a variety of strengthening and stretching exercises.


For children with neurological conditions or sensory issues, aquatic therapy can help them reach developmental milestones by allowing them to practice movements that may be too difficult to perform on land. It provides relief from arthritis pain and can be a valuable pain management tool for individuals with chronic back or neck pain. It also can improve balance issues in patients of all ages. Following an orthopaedic injury or surgery, it can help patients move forward in their recovery before they are able to put weight on their joints.


For more information about aquatic therapy at Pleasant Valley Hospital, call 304.675.8639.