We care about your heart health. Pleasant Valley Hospital. Where your safety is our priority.

Pleasant Valley Hospital Cardiology is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of all types of cardiovascular disease. From hypotension (low blood pressure) to hypertension (high blood pressure), from chest pains to arrhythmias, Dr. Damron and the cardiology team at PVH have the knowledge and experience to treat a wide range of heart conditions in patients ages 10 and older.

Dr. Damron provides care and treatment for:
+ heart failure
+ arrhythmias
+ cardiomyopathies
+ pericardial disease
+ peripheral vascular disease
+ heart valve problems
+ heart attacks

He also helps patients manage high blood pressure and high cholesterol and works with athletes to address cardiac concerns. Dr. Damron has special interests in atherosclerosis (coronary artery disease), clinical nuclear cardiology, cardiac monitoring, stress testing and cardiac rehabilitation.

At PVH Cardiology, we are proud to provide our patients with the comprehensive cardiac care and treatment they need right here at Pleasant Valley Hospital.


For more information about Pleasant Valley Hospital Cardiology, call 304.675.1484.