Advanced Chemotherapy and Hematology


Pleasant Valley Hospital is proud to offer the latest in chemotherapy treatments and hematology services.

With dozens of chemotherapy medications to treat a wide variety of cancers, the medical oncology team at Pleasant Valley Hospital tailors chemotherapy treatments to the individual needs of each patient. Our oncologists are at the forefront of chemotherapy research, using medications that attack tumors more effectively, with fewer side effects and with less impact on healthy tissue. At the Pleasant Valley Hospital Infusion Center, chemotherapy treatments are administered in a comfortable, professional, relaxing environment.

Our hematology team specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders and diseases, including hemophilia, leukemia, lymphoma and enemia. Our hematologists guide patients to the appropriate treatment for their condition and help manage their ongoing care. They work closely with other specialists, including the surgical oncology and radiation oncology specialists at the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center, to determine the best course of treatment for a patient’s individual needs.

For more information about chemotherapy and hematology at Pleasant Valley Hospital, call 304.675.1759.