Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Often used in combination with physical therapy, therapeutic exercise and other rehabilitation techniques, therapeutic massage therapy is an important tool in pain management and healing. The licensed massage therapist at Pleasant Valley Hospital is skilled in caring for patients of all ages, specializing in deep tissue massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, pregnancy massage and hot stone massage.


Patients with injuries and illnesses affecting the musculoskeletal, nervous, lymphatic and circulatory systems may benefit from the therapeutic effects of therapeutic massage therapy. Therapeutic massage therapy increases flexibility and range of motion, and it reduces pain and discomfort associated with a wide range of conditions – from arthritis to migraines to chronic fatigue. It advances the healing process and aids in recovery by relieving stress, reducing muscle tension, promoting the breakdown of scar tissues and encouraging blood flow to all areas of the body.


For more information about therapeutic massage therapy at the Pleasant Valley Hospital Wellness Center, call 304.675.8639.