One-Stop Shop for Otolaryngology

For headaches, earaches and everything in between, the otolaryngology team at Pleasant Valley Hospital offers a one-stop shop for ear, nose and throat care. Board-certified allergist and otolaryngologist John Wade, MD, brings decades of experience and extensive knowledge to each patient he sees.


Dr. Wade and his highly trained staff care for adults and children with ear, nose and throat infections; allergies and asthma; headaches and sinus pain; TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders; nasal airway obstruction; runny nose; dizziness and vertigo; shortness of breath; hoarseness; hearing loss; and ear, nose and throat cancers. Dr. Wade also specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of neck and thyroid problems as well as skin cancers on the head and neck.


From the first sign of ear, nose or throat pain all the way through diagnosis, treatment and recovery, our otolaryngology team is committed to comprehensive, patient-centered care. We offer flexible appointment times, including same-day appointments whenever possible. 


For more information about ear, nose and throat care at Pleasant Valley Hospital or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wade, call 304.675.1244.