Comprehensive Physical Therapy


When dealing with a debilitating injury or illness, we know you want to get back to everyday living as quickly as possible. At Pleasant Valley Hospital, it is our goal to get you there safely and successfully. With experience handling a wide range of injuries, illnesses and other conditions, our licensed physical therapists use a variety of techniques to help patients achieve the highest possible level of physical functioning.


Our physical therapists take a team approach to care, partnering with patients, families and referring physicians to establish specific goals for rehabilitation. Our highly-skilled physical therapy team regularly collaborates with occupational, speech and therapeutic massage therapists to develop a comprehensive rehabilitation plan, taking into account the patient’s overall health.


When needed, our physical therapists provide training for assistive devices such as braces, wheelchairs and prostheses. They also offer a full range of pain management tools, including TENS, neuromuscular therapy and ultrasound.


At the PVH Wellness Center, our physical therapy team uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology to help patients increase muscle strength, improve range of motion, restore gait and prevent future injury. We see patients with orthopedic injuries, back and neck pain, neurological disorders such as MS and Parkinson’s, balance disorders and chronic wounds.


At Pleasant Valley Hospital, we are committed to helping patients reach their maximum potential.


Pleasant Valley Hospital Therapy Centers

Pleasant Valley Hospital Wellness Center
2520 Valley Drive
Point Pleasant, WV 25550


Pomeroy Therapy Center
518 East Main Street
Pomeroy, OH 45769