Guiding Patients Toward Their Goals


Whether your goal is to return to an active lifestyle, perform daily activities more efficiently or simply breathe a little better, the pulmonary rehabilitation program at Pleasant Valley Hospital Wellness Center has the knowledge and tools to get you there. Led by registered respiratory therapists and registered nurses, our pulmonary rehabilitation program helps individuals with chronic lung disorders such as COPD and emphysema improve their quality of life through exercise and education. Patients participate in a monitored exercise program, using treadmills, recumbent bicycles and weight training equipment as well as a variety of breathing exercises. The program is customized based on each patient’s goals, fitness level and medical concerns.


Our primary focus is helping patients do the things they were unable to do before – from climbing a flight of stairs to going to church to improving overall lung health in order to avoid infections.


Patients complete a pulmonary function test before beginning the program to ensure they are ready to participate.


To find out if you or a loved one may benefit from pulmonary rehabilitation, talk to your primary care physician or call 304.675.4340 ext. 1221