Multidisciplinary Wound Care

Beyond chronic physical pain, non-healing wounds can lead to emotional stress, body image issues and decreased mobility. At the Pleasant Valley Wound Center, we provide comprehensive wound care in a convenient environment, looking beyond the wound itself to address the underlying cause. We use the latest dressings and devices and a variety of medical and surgical treatments, all with the goal of helping patients regain their independence and enhance their quality of life.


Whether treating diabetic ulcers, arterial or venous ulcers, cancer-related wounds, complex surgical wounds, trauma, cellulitis or any other wound that has lasted longer than a month, the Wound Center takes a multidisciplinary approach to care. Our team includes a physician, a general surgeon, a nurse practitioner, a certified wound care nurse, a podiatrist, a certified lymphedema specialist, a nutritionist, diabetes educators and physical and occupational therapists. Patients have access to radiology services, laboratory services, diagnostic testing and lymphedema services such as compression therapy. With an emphasis on education and support, we teach patients how to care for their wounds at home, and some patients qualify for additional home health care.


For more information about the coordinated care, advanced technologies and excellent outcomes at the Pleasant Valley Wound Center, call 304.675.6098.