Effective Speech Therapy


Speech and language difficulties can be frustrating to anyone at any age. At Pleasant Valley Hospital, licensed speech therapists help children and adults with a wide range of health concerns improve their ability to communicate clearly and effectively.


Our speech therapists are specially trained in the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of communication disorders related to speech, hearing and swallowing. They regularly see patients who have suffered a stroke or head injury, have hearing loss, have a speech impediment or have a mental disability. Whether a disorder is congenital or caused by disease or injury, our speech therapists are fully committed to helping each patient improve his or her communication skills and cognitive abilities. For individuals with swallowing disorders, our speech therapists are certified in VitalStim® therapy, a groundbreaking treatment that uses neuromuscular electrical stimulation to retrain the throat muscles needed for swallowing.


Whatever the cause, when you or a loved one is having trouble communicating, the speech therapy team at Pleasant Valley Hospital can help.


Pleasant Valley Therapy Centers

Pleasant Valley Therapy Center – Point Pleasant
2520 Valley Drive
Point Pleasant, WV 25550


Pleasant Valley Therapy Center – Mason
106 Gander Lane
Mason, WV 25260