Back on Your Feet


At Pleasant Valley Hospital Rehabilitation Services, our top priority is getting you back on your feet. With a complete range of both inpatient and outpatient services, we are committed to helping patients regain independence and live life to the fullest.


At Pleasant Valley Hospital (PVH), our qualified rehabilitation specialists have the experience and expertise to handle all sorts of injuries and illnesses, from minor to severe. Our physical, occupational and speech therapists work closely with our medical and surgical staffs to provide individualized care and support, taking into account each patient’s unique goals, strengths, challenges and needs.


The PVH Day Rehabilitation Program allows patients to continue living at home while participating in intensive outpatient therapy for two to six hours a day, two to five days a week. To help patients live as independently as possible, the PVH Life Skills Center focuses on daily activities and functional skills like dressing, eating, bathing and grooming. For ongoing wellness and physical fitness, the PVH Wellness Center provides strength training and cardio equipment to improve overall health and decrease the risk of future injuries.


With a dedicated team of rehabilitation specialists and highly personalized care, Pleasant Valley Hospital helps patients regain strength, function and mobility safely and successfully.